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Benefits of Reading Books for Your Physical and Mental Health

by Be Here
Benefits of book reading for mental health

While there exist plenty of ways which can directly as well as indirectly flourish your mental and physical health, book reading has been classified as not only one of the most approachable methods to serve this purpose but also a healthier way of providing you with ultimate peace of mind. Considering numerous benefits of reading books, it would not be wrong if I say that if you do not read a book at least once a month, you are draining your brain’s creativity and power of imagination, which must be developed along with a person’s growing age.

Let us now get onto the question for the day, what does reading do to the brain! Are you ready for that? There we go!

7 Importance Benefits of Reading Books

Before I get onto the advantages of reading, I must, at this moment, mention that reading is never particular to one type or genre; you can choose to read whatever pleases your mind. Obviously, who can even read a book which does not interest them at all! That would be like further degrading your mental health by compelling your brain to indulge in something which it does not really like. Hey, Do, not do such! I repeat, DO NOT! Adopt the right technique of reading a book. Only then can you avail all the exciting benefits this activity can give you.

1. Makes You Knowledgeable

Would you not feel proud if you are sitting amongst a group of friends and have many things to put into a discussion with reliable facts and figures? No one can deny this scientific benefit of reading that books do give a lot of knowledge, which no online video or documentary can provide you with. Besides information, building your vocabulary, and enhancing your speaking skills is another golden benefit of reading books. Though online education is a primary way to develop this skillset among the young generation, nothing can really replace the charm and happiness that book readers get when completing one part of their favorite novel. Relatable?

2. Refreshes Your Ideas


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Reading benefits your mind and soul and turns you into a new personality depending upon the factor which books you involve yourself with. I would not recommend you just stick to one genre because that might limit your thinking ability. It would be best if you try different tastes and grow your creativity to perform better in life and give yourself a better treat. And wait.. are you also someone who just feels nostalgic just because of the smell of a book you have read a year ago or so? Does not that refresh your mind at an instance? If it does, this shows you were a true lover of the book your read at that time. Interesting!

3. Shatters Down Stress


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Do you feel stressed too often? Or do you get super tired after a long day at work? Not an issue at all! One of the best health benefits of reading is that it reduces stress levels and relaxes your mind and body. So, after a hectic day, calm down by laying on your comfy reading couch with a cup of coffee and your favorite book in your hand and see how it would change your mood in a matter of few seconds only. Add this habit of reading books into your mental health treatment plan and then see the magic!

4. Leads To A Longer Life


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Do you know what? Reading books consistently does not only benefit you in the short term but adds up a couple of years to your total life span too. This is something I would not call a benefit of reading books, but a treasure you can unlock if you are a regular book reader. A study was conducted regarding the connection between book readings and survival advantage. Results obtained depicted that those in a constant habit of book reading had a life span more than two years greater than the ones who did not read at all. Mind it, book reading does not include reading a newspaper daily because most of the old age population in North America does. Though there are several benefits associated with reading a newspaper, those cannot exceed books’ advantages on a broader scale.

5. Helps You Avoid Time Passing Activities


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For those wondering what exactly the benefits of book readings are about maintaining a healthy daily routine, let me elaborate on this to you! If you are not a regular reader, you may be indulged in tons of extra activities that are not in any way beneficial to your physical and mental health. In other words, you are deprived of all the reading’s benefits, and particularly you are not maintaining a healthy living style. This can haunt you in the long term because if you do not have an active lifestyle, you may not be able to focus and be productive in your working hours. This can ultimately lead to a habit known as laziness and hence eventually lack of attention in important life matters. Do you want to risk that? If no, get your hold onto a good book already and start exploring the beauty of reading!

FACT DROP: Many people hooked to drugs despite trying remedies to get rid of drug addiction found their way out by adopting the habit of reading books! Surprising, no?

6. Aids In A Better Sleep


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There are times when you can not sleep hence and adequately get addicted to pills. An easy shortcut to avoid such a situation is to read a good book before going to sleep. Reading would not only make you feel comfortable and relaxed but shred off all the tensions which have occupied your mind and are preventing you from sleeping in peace. Remember not to read in very dim light because that can affect your eyesight to an appalling extent. It would be better to keep a yellow reading lamp beside your sleeping place so that you can readily put it into use whenever you feel like calming your nervous system and letting it experience peaceful sleep.

7. Cheers Your Mood


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Apart from the physical benefits of book reading, many people have reported that book reading takes them into another world, which is free of all worries. Well, that is indeed possible if you are a person with great thoughts and visions. A good book with a reality-based story can take you into a different space where you start imagining the characters of the play in real. This also comes up as a good source of joy and boosting your energy for the day. Particularly for lonely people and feel depressed because no social life, books can be their best friends!


We have explored quite a lot of benefits of reading books but trust me; these are not all! For all those who have not started reading yet, I advise you to look out for a book that can impress you, and you believe you will read up till the end. Get hooked to it and then notice the changes you experience in your daily life. If not much, at least you would find yourself at much peace and better functioning in life. So, what are you waiting for? Get up right now and jump into the world of fantasies, mysteries, crimes, and politics, whatever your heart desires! I wish you the best of luck on this journey of physical and mental growth. Tedah! xx.

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