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Top 5 Most Addictive Drugs in the World

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Usually, drugs are dangerous and dreadful because of their impacts on your body and mind. However, I will add that most of the medicines are terrible because of the addictive ingredients that have been added to them. Such a composition of drugs turns them highly addictive, and once you are on it, you will feel like there is no way out!

Today in this blog post, I will introduce you to the top 5 most addictive drugs in the world. But before proceeding onto the main context, let me tell you that EVERY drug is addictive. It is just that some are highly intoxicating and trap you in their cage quickly. In contrast, others do not make you consume them often.

World’s Most Addictive Drugs Lise

Below mentioned are the world’s most addictive drugs that have the capability of making a great impression in your mind and hence in your life. Check these out, and I am sure you will relate to the facts mentioned below if you are a drug addict.

1. Alcohol


Image by: Pixabay

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug and is even legal in many states. I think that even kids in the States are familiar with the name of Alcohol. There are plenty of types of alcohol available in the market, and different drug dealers offer a different sort. Remember that the drink in its purest form ONLY can cast significant impacts on your mind. Others may be addictive too, but not to as much extent as the natural form of alcohol.

2. Tobacco


Image by: Wikimedia

Nicotine or tobacco is something that even youngsters under the age of 18 frequently consume. Its effects in the long term are usually underrated, and people do not take it seriously. Remember that tobacco smoking leads to severe damages in your respiratory system and may also cause heart strokes in extreme cases. It also has been labeled to efficiently reduce the life period of the person addict to it.

3. Ecstasy aka MDMA


Image by: Flickr

Ecstasy has been called one of the most dangerous drugs out there. It imposes severe effects on your health and central nervous system and can even lead to death in some severe cases. Its use has been legally banned in many developed countries; however, drug dealers are still making components of it and delivering drug addicts. Keep in note that its addiction is not something easy to take. It traps you poorly, and then the way out of the maze is VERY HARD.

4. Weed

Weed is yet, another highly addictive drug out there. It is not much commonly used, but its effects are dreadful! Do not think that one or two-time consumption will not affect you at all; this drug can damage your intestines to a great extent. That is the main reason why weed smokers are called criminals, and its use is considered highly dangerous. According to what my research about weed says, I will not call pot a hazardous drug but a HIGHLY addictive dreadful one.

5. Heroin

Though particularly expensive in the list of all other drugs mentioned in this blog, its use is widespread, specifically in parties and events. Remember that heroin slows down your reflex actions in the long term and hence makes you incapable of doing anything. This can even happen when you are not a long term user of the drug and have consumed it very few times. So be sure of getting rid of this most addictive drug as soon as possible, to keep yourself on the safe side!

What is Drug Addiction?

When you consume a drug once, and the drug initiates feelings of craving for that again, it contains ingredients that drive your brain towards it. The next time you consume it, you will want to drink it more frequently. This is called drug addiction, in VERY SIMPLE terms!

Do not worry if you are a drug addict and find it very difficult to go back to your healthy life. There is always a hope that is present; all you need is CONSISTENCY and SELF BELIEVE!

Below I have mentioned some ways of getting rid of drugs and returning to your life!

How to Beat Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is not EASY to beat! But this does not mean that you would not consider taking this action at all. Trust me, if once you receive an oath and take a step towards this journey, you will accomplish satisfactory results. Check out the tips I have compiled below to beat drug addiction.

  1. Try consuming other drinks; By other beverages, I mean those that are not intoxicating and do not impose any health effects upon you. There are plenty of such energy boosters out there that will suit your taste bud, and then you will forget all about the toxic drugs you once used to consume.
  2. Stay away from drug involving events; If a party hosts drugs, try not to attend it at all so that you do not have the chance to be offered to take it. If a drug addict fighting to give up on drugs is offered a drink, he will take it.
  3. CONSISTENCY! It is the key to give up on drug intake. If you miss out on this step, any other natural treatment to beat a drug addiction is not going to work!

I recommend you to start considering the ill effects of drug abuse if you are a binge drinker. Do not keep on postponing it. Once it gets too late, it might nearly become impossible to get back on the healthy life track. I hope you will pay heed to it and make sure you do not get to suffer too much just because of a moment of satisfaction and happiness that drugs give you!

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