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Natural Remedies to Help Beat Drug Addiction

by Ayesha Malik

In a world full of glory, I just do not understand where the concept of drugs came from! I might sound a bit strange here, but I really cannot, in any way, find out the clear connection between drugs and satisfaction! Though I know that drugs and their addiction belong to the psychological domain, I am well aware that about 3/4th of the addicts out there consume it to look cool or for the sake of their friendship theories. Today in this article, I am going to share natural remedies to help beat drug addiction. So without any further ado, let us quickly get to the main context.

What is Drug Addiction?


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Well, before looking up to beat drug addiction, you should know what really is drug addiction. If you are someone who consumes alcohol every year at the new year party, you are not someone who should be looking for ways to beat drug addiction.

However, if a person is consuming alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin, or any other deadliest drug daily or maybe more than once in 24 hours, you should DEFINITELY search for a solution to get rid of it as possible. If you do not pay any heed to it at all, you might be currently in the stages of losing all the essential nutrients in your body that are responsible for its well-functioning.

My little tip for you: Even if you are not a binge consumer of drugs, I suggest you look out for ways to get rid of any drug containing drinks; to ensure a better, healthier, and safer life!

Is Drug Addiction a Disease?


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I would not classify drug addiction as a disease because its impacts deserve a word far more critical than ‘Disease.’ In some instances, such as in the excessive consumption of heroin when the respiratory system becomes blocked, you might even incur a sudden death! What can be worse than this?

Central Nervous System damage, as well as blood cancer, are also associated with binge drug consumption. However, sometimes drug addiction might not cause such significant harm to your body at all. That is when you are still frequently consuming the drinks but in a highly mild form, and hence they do not cause a VERY harmful impact on you. From here, you might get into the complexity of the debate about whether drug addiction should be called a disease or not? Decide for yourself, and I leave it to you!

Sings of Drug Addiction:

It is effortless to identify if a person is a drug addict or not. The following mentioned factors are associated with people who are caught in high addictiveness of drugs. Check these out.

If you are a drug addict:

  • You will always have a lousy breathing odor.
  • When your drug is not available to you at your scheduled time, you will start reacting strangely and aggressively.
  • You will consider drug consumption very reasonable!
  • Loss of sleep and disturbed sleep are prevalent symptoms experienced by drug addicts.
  • Appetite loss is yet another sign of drug addiction. You will feel hungry very less often.

Apart from these significant signs of drug addiction, there may be others, such as coughing, nausea, irritation, slurred speed, etc. It depends upon the drug you are consuming and the narcotics you are addicted to. Because every drug has its ingredients, which direct the way a person reacts once they stick its consumption.

Effects of Drug Addiction:

I can not say that addiction to all drugs causes the same effect. However, most of the results involve damaging the liver and the brain as well. The impact a drug is causing also depends on the time for which it stays in your body. For example, how long does alcohol stay in your body will determine how long it will keep damaging your kidneys and intestines.

Some of the widespread effects of drug addiction are as follows:

  • Aggressiveness in nature
  • Carelessness and irresponsibility in character
  • Flu and cough for most of the days
  • Slow reflex action extreme mood swings
  • Vomiting often after eating something
  • Weird reaction to dangerous situations
  • Unprofessionalism in behavior
  • Avoiding people and socialism

Best Natural Ways to Beat Drug Addiction


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Do not worry if you think you have come too far on the road to drug addiction. Remember that there is always a way back. All that is needed is CONSISTENCY and an OATH to oneself to commit to whatever you plan. Below I am going to list some of the best natural ways to beat drug addiction. If you care about your health and yourself, you definitely would consider paying attention to these remedies.

I know you would find it very difficult at the start, but you must understand that every good change happens gradually!

Change your company: If you think it is mostly because of your friends that you consume drugs frequently, the best thing to do is change your company. I know you would not like doing it all of a sudden, but you can start up avoiding events your friends attend where drug consumption is a must. Try it out!

Try taking energy boosters: If you are a person who is addicted to drugs just because it gives you energy, happiness, and satisfaction, try out some other energy-boosting drinks. They would not harm your system, and the purpose of attaining power and experiencing euphoria will also be fulfilled. Trust me, and this works best!

Please consult a doctor: About half of the people who are drug addicts consume them to treat depression. Let me tell you that, though you are consuming drugs to stay away from depression and mental problems, you make yourself more prone to other body-related dysfunction such as blood clotting, brain damage, and kidney failure. It is better to consult a doctor and go through proper counseling rather than just consuming a drug and relying upon it to make you feel better. I will instead call this stupid!


Drug addiction is no less than a curse. I do not think anyone out of you all who is consuming drugs will be happy with doing, such after reading out the harsh effects they cause to your body system. I know it a hard journey, but I wish you the best of luck in successfully crossing the bridge to the other side of life where no drugs exist! A happy, healthy life is your next goal: go for it!

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